Strategic Relationship Team

The Loomis Sayles Strategic Relationship Team takes a disciplined and consultative approach to helping institutional clients solve their evolving investment needs. We manage over $70 billion in assets for sub-advisory clients, which include banks, insurance companies, and global asset management firms. We offer an array of differentiated investment strategies, each with clear and consistent investment philosophies. We layer in our experience in providing highly customized portfolios to seek specific objectives and profiles, designed to fit client goals. Loomis Sayles serves these institutions as an investment manager across a diverse set of subadvisory channels.

Sub-Advisory Assets by Investment Strategy

$ 56.1 Billion as of 09/30/2023

Funds and their amounts
color in donut fund amount
Large Cap Growth$9.3B

Investment Grade Intermediate Corporate Bond$2.9B

Core Plus Full Discretion$6.1B

Core Disciplined Alpha$3.2B

Core Fixed Income$5.1B

Global Bond$2.3B

Intermediate Duration Fixed Income$4.2B

Global Equity Opportunities$5.6B

All Cap Growth$1.8B

Global Credit Strategy$2.2B

Multisector Full Discretion$2.4B

Short Duration Fixed Income$1.8B

Long Duration Credit$1.6B


**Other bucket is comprised of 21 Loomis Sayles strategies, each representing 1% or less of Loomis Sayles Sub-Advisory assets under management.

Our Approach

At the foundation of each sub-advisory partnership is a dedicated client team which utilizes a customized approach that focuses specifically on business strategy, relationship management and distribution support. The client team works holistically on the sub-advisory partnership to help maintain and grow a robust connection between our investment experts and the dynamic objectives of our clients.

Circles showing a continuous flow between Business Strategy, Relationship Management, and Distribution Support that combine into the Loomis Sayles Servicing Model.

The Team

The Strategic Relationship Team is comprised of seasoned investment professionals who specialize in the objectives of sub-advisory clients.

Relationship Management, Business Strategy and Development

Annie Schneidman Coleman, CFA

Head of Strategic Relationships Business Development

Michael Finocchi, CAIA

Director, Strategic Relationships

George Cupo, CFA

Director, Strategic Relationships

Sean Kennedy

Strategic Relationships Manager

Colleen Kane

Strategic Relationships Senior Administrative Assistant

Relationship Management and Distribution Support

Ken Johnson

Head of US Relationships Management

Pam Czekanski, CFA

Strategic Relationships Manager

Katie Phillips, CFA

Strategic Relationships Manager

Emily Hannum, CAIA

Strategic Relationships Manager

Jennifer Schrader

Strategic Relationships Manager

Oxana Tkachenko

Strategic Relationships Senior Administrative Assistant

Sub-Advisory Channels

  • Advisory Solutions
  • Mutual Funds
  • Variable Annuities
  • OCIO
  • Stable Value


Annie Schneidman Coleman, CFA

Head of Strategic Relationships Business Development