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Under Pressure: The Global Implications of a European Gas Crisis

The aftershocks of Europe's gas crisis could shape asset prices in a dynamic manner for years to come – both in Europe and globally.

Investment Outlook: July 2022

Healthy corporate and consumer fundamentals may feel pressure as tighter monetary policies undermine economic growth.

Life After QE

As investors navigate an uncertain future after QE, the past may be their best guide.


Credit Complexities: Where Could the Excesses Be This Cycle?

Odds of a downturn are increasing. Portfolio Manager Matt Eagan talks about why he thinks the high yield market is in relatively good shape at this point in the cycle and the possible excesses building in lower-quality bank loans.

Ukraine & Food Scarcity Fears: Myths vs. Reality

There is potential for a global food crisis, but the drivers might be different than you think.

Rising Rates, Resilient Portfolios

The first step up in rates can be the most painful. Now that yields are higher, it may be possible to build a resilient bond portfolio.

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