New Account Applications
Loomis Sayles Fund Application - N, Institutional and Retail Classes LS03
Loomis Sayles Institutional Funds Application LSSH26
Natixis Fund Application - A and C Classes (AP01)
IRA Booklets and Applications
SEP IRA Employee Forms Booklet M-LS05
Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and Rollover IRAs Application M-LS02
Natixis IRA Application - A and C Classes IR24
Additional Forms
Account Options M-LS10
Certificate of Authorization M-LS38
Change of Registration M-LS33
Cross Share Exchange M-LS20
IRA Beneficiary M-LS14
IRA Distribution M-LS15
Name Change M-LSSH38
Power of Attorney M-LS04
Transcript Request Form M-LS22
Transfer On Death M-LS11
IRA Recharacterization M-LSRP299
Cost Basis Election Form M-LSCB01
Redemption Request Form M-LSSH326
Reading Form 1099-B
DCD IRA Application M-LS75
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