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If you would like to invest in Loomis Sayles Funds, you may download and print the appropriate account application below.

For more information on share classes, shareholder services, and other ways to purchase Loomis Sayles Funds, go to How to Invest.

It is important to read the prospectus carefully before you invest.

For annual tax information, please click here.

Y shares are only available to certain institutional investors. Please click here for other share classes.

New Account Applications
Loomis Sayles Fund Application - N, Institutional and Retail Classes
Natixis Fund Application - N and Y Classes (APY01)
Natixis Fund Application - A and C Classes (AP01)
IRA Booklets and Applications
SEP IRA Employee Forms Booklet
Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and Rollover IRAs Application
Natixis IRA Application - A and C Classes
Additional Forms
Account Options
Certificate of Authorization
Change of Registration
Cross Share Exchange
IRA Beneficiary
IRA Distribution
Name Change
Power of Attorney
Transcript Request Form
Transfer on Death Agreement
IRA Recharacterization
Cost Basis Election Form
Redemption Request Form
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