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Mutual Funds

Leveraging our institutional heritage, we focus exclusively on investment management at Loomis Sayles.

We offer a comprehensive range of investment objectives and strategies—both fixed income and equity—to help meet the goals of demanding investors. Loomis Sayles Funds are available via direct purchase or through the major funds supermarkets, investment professionals and 401(k) programs.

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Attribution reports for select mutual funds are available on individual fund pages. Attribution reports with additional related information and/or for other historical time periods for these and certain other funds are available upon request.

Lipper Awards Top Performing Loomis Sayles Funds

Loomis Sayles Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income Fund (LSFYX)
Loomis Sayles Core Plus Bond Fund (NERYX)
Loomis Sayles Limited Term Government and Agency Fund (NELYX)

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