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Three Questions on Liability Hedging

Rising Treasury yields have many pension plans reconsidering glide paths, risk transfers and fine-tuning liability hedges with overlays or completion mandates.

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The Challenge of Stranded Assets in Metals and Mining

Metal and mining companies face some risk of being saddled with stranded assets, but the story for these companies is complex and nuanced.

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Investment Outlook: April 2021

We believe risk assets have further to run as the credit cycle continues to move forward into expansion.

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Citywire Gender Diversity Awards

Citywire Names Loomis Sayles US Regional Leader on Gender Diversity

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Bottoms Up! Finding the Advantage in the Global Beer Value Chain

The qualities that make a business great are universal in nature. How does the Growth Equity Strategies team identify and capture value? Watch to learn more.

Seeking Yield in Asia and Beyond

Co-Portfolio Managers Elisabeth Colleran and Thu Ha Chow explain how the Asia high yield growth opportunity can be augmented with a broader approach to emerging markets.

Emerging Market Debt: A Top-Down, Innovative, Total Return Approach

We believe top-down regimes drive risk appetite and performance in emerging markets. Watch to learn more from our Alpha Strategies team.