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Investment Outlook: July 2024

Investor risk appetite should remain strong as central banks ease policy in response to lower inflation.

Yield Reset Spurs the Return of Multisector Fixed Income

Higher yields have created compelling opportunities across the full universe of fixed income sectors. As a result, we believe investors should rethink their approach to fixed income and broaden their risk factor exposure.

What is the Credit Cycle Telling Us?

We believe the credit cycle is in mid-expansion, and economic indicators suggest it could continue into the second half of 2024. Read on for our analysis of the credit cycle.


Customization Adds Value: Meet the CIS Team

A unique team solving for unique client objectives. Watch to see how the Loomis Sayles CIS team meets the need for custom fixed income solutions.

Why Short Duration EM Corporates Now?

The outlook for interest rates may be lower, but short-duration emerging market corporates can still add value to a portfolio in our view. Watch as EM Debt Portfolio Manager Elisabeth Colleran explains why we believe this strategy makes sense in this environment.

The Art of Combining ESG & Financial Data

Available ESG data continues to grow significantly. The Loomis Sayles Euro Credit team embeds ESG into its process through a four pillar approach and technology tools. Watch to learn how the team seeks to identify ESG risks and opportunities.

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