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COVID-19 Has Redefined Infrastructure Needs: Implications for the Municipal Bond Market

Infrastructure financing is coming to the municipal bond market. What can we expect?

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Meaningful Distinctions: Emerging Market Corporate Bonds Versus Emerging Market Sovereigns

Our Emerging Markets Debt Team shares why they believe EM corporates can offer a distinct opportunity set.

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Loomis Sayles Global Allocation Fund Q&A

The fund's portfolio managers explain their differentiated approach and why they believe it can deliver attractive returns in any market environment.

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Explore the Blog COVID-19 Updates Credit Cycle Update

Growth Equity Strategies

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Global Allocation: A Shared Investment Philosophy

The Global Allocation team follows a disciplined process involving a lot of communication and creativity. See what motivates this team and how their shared practice drives them as global investors.

Global Equity Opportunities Team: Aligned in Philosophy & Process

A forward looking approach with a team dedicated to a shared investment philosophy.

Remaining Patient & Diversified with Global Allocation

The Global Allocation Team discusses the power of a patient, flexible strategy that can invest across the capital structure.