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Our Latest Insights

Investment Outlook: October 2023

We believe the US economy is late in the credit cycle as US Treasury bond yields move to highs not seen since 2007.

Securitized Assets: Technicals Create Opportunity

Our mortgage and structured finance team breaks down the technicals driving securitized markets and how these factors have created potential opportunity in segments with strong fundamentals.

Biodiversity: The Nature of Investing

Analyzing and valuing biodiversity implications for countries or corporations is in its early days. Read on for key considerations in such an undertaking.


The Art of Combining ESG & Financial Data

Available ESG data continues to grow significantly. The Loomis Sayles Euro Credit team embeds ESG into its process through a four pillar approach and technology tools. Watch to learn how the team seeks to identify ESG risks and opportunities.

The Euro Credit Team’s Conservative Alpha Investment Philosophy

The Loomis Sayles Euro Credit team is made up of experienced, passionate investors, whose philosophy, keen attention to risk and culture of intellectual honesty identify opportunities to help clients pursue their goals.

The Euro Credit Team: Equipped to Capitalize on Market Opportunities

Market developments require constant attention. The Loomis Sayles Euro Credit investment team utilizes a rigorous investment process, technology and a culture of intellectual honesty to act on those developments when they arise.

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