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Stranded Assets: Assessing the Impact on US and European Utilities

The transition to clean energy has raised concerns among investors with stakes in certain utilities.

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Credit Check: the Full Discretion Approach to Credit Selection

Our full discretion style follows two core philosophies to help capitalize on persistent inefficiency in corporate credit and drive excess return potential.

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Growth Equity Strategies: The Search for Alpha is the Search for Skill

For alpha generation, we believe the pursuit of greater upside potential and managing absolute levels of risk are inextricable goals. Each tenet of our alpha thesis is designed – individually and collectively – to promote this dual objective for our investors.

COVID-19 as a Credit Case Study: From Airlines to Energy

Loomis Sayles has a deep roster of experienced credit analysts. Here's a glimpse into our team's analysis of key sectors impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.

Global Allocation: A Shared Investment Philosophy

The Global Allocation team follows a disciplined process involving a lot of communication and creativity. See what motivates this team and how their shared practice drives them as global investors.