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Investment Outlook: January 2023

The global economic cycle appears to be transitioning from late expansion to downturn. Defining the downturn’s starting point remains challenging.

Investment Outlook: October 2022

The global economy appears to be headed for a downturn and we believe the clock is ticking on the US cycle as well.

LDI in the Crosshairs

After the gilt rout, how should US pensions think about derivatives?


What is Driving the US Treasury Market Right Now?

Senior Fixed Income Trader Pat Savery talks about how a step down in Fed rate hikes could play out in the US Treasury market and how he thinks recent Fed rhetoric has guided the market.

Change in Sentiment for the Investment Grade Market

Market participants appear to be feeling better than they were in recent months, and some technical drivers could affect the IG market through year-end. Senior Fixed Income Trader Preston Raymond talks about possibility of a “Santa Rally” and what we’ve seen in the new issue market.

Where Are the Cracks; Why Isnt High Yield Selling Off?

Buying high yield can be as much about availability as it is about timing. Senior Fixed Income Trader Jack Celata talks about potential cracks in the HY market and how to approach buying risk.

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