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Loomis Sayles Global Allocation Fund Q&A

The fund's portfolio managers explain their differentiated approach and why they believe it can deliver attractive returns in any market environment.

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Investment Outlook

As the economy moves into a credit repair phase, uncertainty related to the future implications of COVID-19 persists.

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Five Perspectives on Emerging Market US Dollar Corporate Debt

Emerging market debt investors have been assessing portfolio allocations in light of shifting valuations.

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Growth Equity Strategies

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How to Invest With a LASER Focus

To make the best decisions, investors need a clear view of the road ahead. Watch to see how LASER can help you to stop looking only in the rear-view mirror.

Managing Risk: One Size Doesn't Fit All

For us, risk management isn't only about limiting risk. It's about collaboration and taking customized, appropriate risk for each client.

Why a Portfolio Weighted Toward Equities Makes Sense Today

In a world with negative-yielding debt, the Loomis Sayles Global Allocation strategy seeks to deliver equity-like returns with lower volatility.