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2020 ESG Spotlight: Elevating and Evolving our Approach to Sustainability

A summary of Loomis Sayles' responsible investment initiatives in 2020.

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Investment Outlook: January 2021

We believe key ingredients are in place for global financial markets to continue discounting the recovery phase of the credit cycle.

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Full Discretion Team Update & Outlook

This page provides an update on team portfolio management and views on the emerging economic recovery.

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Growth Equity Strategies

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Full Discretion Team Explore the Blog 2020 Election Coverage COVID-19 Updates Credit Cycle Update

Growth Equity Strategies

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Citywire Gender Diversity Awards

Citywire Names Loomis Sayles US Regional Leader on Gender Diversity

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Emerging Market Debt: A Top-Down, Innovative, Total Return Approach

We believe top-down regimes drive risk appetite and performance in emerging markets. Watch to learn more from our Alpha Strategies team.

ESG: Not Just a Box to Tick at Loomis Sayles

ESG is increasingly top of mind for our investors. See how we integrate ESG into our investment process.

Growth Equity Strategies: The Search for Alpha is the Search for Skill

For alpha generation, we believe the pursuit of greater upside potential and managing absolute levels of risk are inextricable goals. Each tenet of our alpha thesis is designed – individually and collectively – to promote this dual objective for our investors.