The Undergraduate Women’s Investment Network

Undergraduate Womens Investment Network Program (UWIN)

The UWIN program at Loomis Sayles inspires undergraduate students who are underrepresented in in investment management by providing mentorship, internship experience, professional skills and technical skills needed to succeed in the industry.

The Program

The Undergraduate Women’s Investment Network (UWIN) was launched in 2015, after a review of job applicants revealed that female candidates for junior level research positions at Loomis Sayles comprised only 18% of the applications received in 2014 and 2015.

The meager results inspired an innovative program and step towards progress. Shannon O’Mara, UWIN founder and Associate Director of Credit Research, designed a comprehensive mentorship and internship program at Loomis Sayles that has successfully partnered with 220 students from 18 colleges and universities throughout New England over the last eight years. We are delighted to welcome another 27 students for the 2023-2024 school year.

The UWIN program offers school year mentorship and internship opportunities to undergraduates with interests in business, finance, accounting, mathematics, data science, economics, investing, and financial markets.

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Program Types

Mentorship Program

Selected undergraduate women are matched with a Loomis Sayles mentor to connect the educational experience to a potential career in investment management. In-office workshops include:

  • Introduction to investment management panel
  • Workshops on communications and professional development
  • Deep dive sessions on investment research and trading

Internship Program

The rotational internship program exposes undergraduate women to two investment or client facing functions among:

  • fixed income research
  • equity research
  • portfolio management
  • product marketing
  • client relationship management

What Participants Have to Say

"UWIN is truly a priceless learning experience and opportunity for young women to develop a fuller understanding of what it means to have a career in the investment management industry."

"UWIN taught me a lot that I could not learn in a classroom setting. Furthermore, personal experiences and feedback from my mentor inspired me to continue to pursue this career!"

UWIN at a Glance



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  • Shannon O'Mara, CFA, Credit Research Associate Director - Founder of UWIN
  • Andrea DiCenso, Portfolio Manager & Strategist - UWIN Advisor
  • Erika Fallon, Administrative Supervisor & Senior Administrative Assistant - UWIN Events Coordinator
  • Catherine Ferri, Associate - UWIN Mentee Advisor
  • Steve Hoppe, Senior Fixed Income Trader - UWIN Mentor Advisor
  • Tricia Keefe, Head of Corporate Services - UWIN Mentorship Program Coordinator
  • Kristy Keenan, Associate Investment Director - UWIN Internship Program Coordinator
  • Kristen Moldovan, Senior Associate - UWIN Intern Advisor
  • Marissa Neill, Administrative Manager - UWIN Marketing & Recruiting
  • Marianne Winkelman, Director of Global Bond, EM & FX Trading - UWIN Advisor

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