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Insurance Solutions

Loomis Sayles matches our long history of alpha generating capabilities with the complex needs of our insurance clients. We offer a suite of differentiated fixed income strategies, each with clear and consistent investment philosophies. We layer in our experience in providing custom solutions to generate specific portfolios, designed to fit client objectives.

As of June 30, 2022


The Team

Loomis Sayles has a team dedicated to servicing insurance clients. Our primary objective is to work proactively with clients to provide a tailored strategy that spans investment management, solutions, advisory and relationship management.

Portfolio Management

Pramila Agrawal

Portfolio Manager

Insurance Solutions & Advisory

Colin Dowdall

Director Team Solutions

Lauren McDermott

Insurance Solutions

Erik Troutman

Senior Strategist

Sean Saia

Investment Director

Insurance Relationship Management

Linda Shin

Insurance Solutions

Todd Needham

Director Insurance Relationship Management

Zara Din

Insurance Solutions Director

Insurance Solutions & Advisory

Our Custom Approach

At Loomis Sayles we recognize that each insurance company is unique and requires an investment strategy designed to meet specific client parameters. Our approach can integrate the expertise and investment skill of our alpha engines with a portfolio management team in building bespoke portfolios that are sensitive to regulatory, rating agency, and yield requirements. We believe the result creates a powerful partnership.

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