Working At Loomis


Undergraduate Summer Internship Development Program (USID)

The USID program at Loomis Sayles provides students with a deep 10-week learning experience in the financial services sector that changes lives and opens up doors for a lifetime.


The internship is a first-generation college program that provides students hands-on work experience on a team, while also participating in a series of regular professional development workshops. The program aims to strengthen each intern's personal, professional and technical capabilities in preparation for the workforce. We seek a diverse range of students who are currently under-represented in the investment industry. Students who receive 50% or more need-based financial aid are also encouraged to apply.

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Our administrative staff is a valued component of our organization. These employees provide the structure, organizational skills and communication among our investment teams, relationship management teams and all departments to ensure smooth day-to-day operation. The ideal candidate brings both experience and enthusiasm to his or her position.

Corporate Resources

Our Finance and Human Resources departments are integral support networks that contribute to the success of our organization. Employees in these areas bring critical expertise to the partnerships forged between their departments and many other groups at Loomis Sayles. The ideal candidate brings experience and enthusiasm for their field to his or her position.

Investment Operations

The Investment Operations teams at Loomis Sayles include portfolio administration, global settlements, corporate actions, pricing and project management. Each team has a specific operational function, which includes coordinating timely trade settlements, overseeing custody account activity and security and cash balances, instructing custodians when necessary and supporting internal record keeping. The ideal candidate has a strong investment operations background and knowledge of fixed income and equity securities as well as derivatives. Experience with global markets is a plus.

Investment Research

Research is the cornerstone of investment decisions at Loomis Sayles. The analysts and associates who work within our research teams have the tools they need to extensively research, analyze and, ultimately, make recommendations on where and when to invest. The ideal candidate for positions in our research teams will have a passion for this industry and the talent to find and assess information that can lead to solid recommendations.

Credit Research Training Program

The Credit Research Training Program (CRTP) is targeted at recent college graduates who studied finance, business, accounting, mathematics, or economics, with coursework in accounting, corporate finance and financial statement analysis. The CRTP is a three-year program with a potential opportunity for an industry team senior associate position in credit research, subject to management’s discretion and depending on both performance and the business need of credit research. This program gives the research associate solid training in fundamental credit analysis and the relative valuation framework used in our investment process. This training provides the foundation necessary to exercise significant discretion and judgement with respect to making forward-looking financial estimates and investment recommendations.

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Legal & Compliance

The Legal and Compliance teams play a critical role in the success of our company and are highly regarded partners. They work closely with most departments within the firm to ensure that we are seeking and achieving our clients' goals and putting their best interests above all else. The ideal candidates for positions in Legal and Compliance bring the expertise needed to hit the ground running.


Our marketing professionals support a wide range of business development and client service efforts at Loomis Sayles across all distribution channels. From responding to RFPs, creating presentations for our investment professionals and distribution groups, ensuring that our website includes all the information our clients need, as well as providing extensive competitive analysis, this team works with determination to make it all happen. The ideal candidate for positions in marketing have an ability to work both collaboratively and independently, all in the interests of the broader organization's needs and objectives.

Portfolio Management

The portfolio management teams within our equity and fixed income groups are exceptional. They have a passion for investing and a level of experience that helps ensure our clients receive the best we have to offer. The ideal candidate for positions in portfolio management brings the expertise required to make the investment decisions that our clients count on to help them meet their investment objectives.

Product Management

Product management performs a variety of functions with the aim of supporting the growth and retention of assets while enabling portfolio managers to focus on investment decisions. These duties include presentation to the marketplace, education, messaging, product customization, product development and thought leadership. The ideal candidate brings strong investment knowledge and collaboration skills.

Relationship Management

The Relationship Management team at Loomis Sayles includes sales, consultant relations and client services. This team strives to meet or exceed clients’, consultants’ and prospects’ needs by providing a wide variety of investment products/alternatives and helping ensure the service we deliver is excellent. The ideal candidate for a position in Relationship Management is focused intently on how to best utilize all that Loomis Sayles has to offer to help meet each client's unique investment objectives.


Technological leadership and an ongoing commitment to operating efficiency can significantly impact a firm's financial success. With that mission in mind, the technology group partners with every person, team and department at Loomis Sayles to ensure our most efficient processes and best tools are in place for the task at hand. The ideal candidate for positions in technology will have the knowledge and experience needed to develop and/or support technology solutions throughout the company.


Our trading process is designed to satisfy our fiduciary responsibility to achieve best execution for clients. Whether trading fixed income or equity securities, our traders are in constant communication with the investment teams and we believe make a significant contribution to overall portfolio performance. The ideal candidate for positions in trading will have the appropriate experience required for assistant, junior or senior roles.