Community Partnerships

Our Mission

To partner with and support non-profit organizations that work with children & families in the Greater Boston area, but particularly in the areas of the city most in need. We focus on the basic human rights of education, healthcare and housing.

Melissa Partridge

Investing in our Communities

In addition to corporate giving, we support our employees in becoming active participants in their communities through:

  • the Matching Gift program that matches up to $2,000 in employee donations to registered nonprofit organizations
  • the Pledge-A-Thon Gifts program that matches an additional $1,000 in donations raised by an employee: dance-a-thons, bike-a-thons, run-a-thons, swim-a-thons, and walk-a-thons
  • the Dollars-For-Doers program that provides up to $2,000 in donations to nonprofit organizations where an employee is involved in a hands-on way
  • the Volunteer Time Off program that offers each of our employees two business days a year to volunteer at nonprofit organizations of their choice

Featured video: Watch as employees work together to tackle the issue of homelessness, as they move a homeless family into permanent housing.  Up & Out Video


Loomis Sayles sponsors the following programs focused on increasing diversity of those underrepresented in the investment management business, including women and underserved youth:

High School Internships

Summer Search combines a social-emotional mentoring model and summer internship to empower young people who face systemic oppression. The program aims to give students the tools and knowledge to become thriving adults. Since 2007, Loomis Sayles has partnered with Summer Search in providing summer internships for students.

Cristo Rey Boston High School provides a college preparatory education to students of limited economic resources. With a rigorous curriculum and a unique work-study experience in a corporate environment, Cristo Rey prepares students to succeed in college. Since 2008, Loomis Sayles has hosted Cristo Rey interns throughout the school year, supporting them in their preparation for future professional work environments.

College Internships

College Internship. The Undergraduate Summer Intern Development (USID) Program is unique in seeking a competitive, yet diverse range of students who are under-represented in the investment industry. The USID program is offered to first-generation college students interested in growing all of their professional capacities. Our goal is to offer exposure and access to students who may not have considered investment management as a career.  Hear from the students themselves

UWIN. The Undergraduate Women's Investment Network (UWIN) is a unique and valuable opportunity to connect with successful role models across the firm, learn about the investment process, and develop professional skills needed to succeed in the industry. The UWIN program offers both mentorship and internship opportunities as part of our mission is to inspire, develop and recruit undergraduate women for investment management careers. The UWIN program is helping to seed the pipeline of diverse talent into the investment management industry.