Our Mission

Our Mission

Everything we do at Loomis Sayles is borne out of our mission to be a trusted fiduciary partner to our clients, helping them achieve their financial objectives through disciplined investment processes that result in superior long-term performance and exceptional investment solutions.

Kevin Charleston

Chairman, Chief Executive Officer & President

Our Vision

We strive to be one of the world’s premier active managers and believe our distinct culture, which prioritizes respect, collaboration and client-centricity, will continue to be the driving force of meeting that objective. We firmly believe in fostering a work environment that is inclusive, supportive and places the needs of our clients at the core of all our actions.

Our Values

Loomis Sayles IDEALS

In service of our mission and goals, we draw upon the IDEALS, which represent the core characteristics of who we aspire to be as employees, colleagues and trustworthy partners to our clients and global stakeholders.


Inclusive & Diverse.

We value the lived experiences and alternative viewpoints of all colleagues. An inclusive and equitable workplace that reflects the diverse communities in which we work and live fosters innovation, creative thinking and best-of-industry solutions that help us exceed client expectations.


Dedicated to Teamwork.

We believe respect, partnership and collaboration across teams and departments makes us better. We support and share success with our teammates and colleagues and aim to inspire the people around us to be their best.



We hold ourselves to the highest standards, individually and for the sake of our clients. Every employee brings unique expertise and skills to our organization. Our collective success is dependent on the development and retention of our talented individuals and we respect and honor their contributions to our shared purpose.



We honor the commitments we make to our clients, teammates, colleagues and selves. We do not make excuses but instead take responsibility for our actions. We are honest, transparent and always seeking opportunities to be better.



We help our colleagues and ourselves by modeling behavior that inspires the people around us, including respect, humility, gratitude, empathy and encouragement.



We are critical thinkers and passionate problem solvers. We assess issues and identify opportunities to deliver innovative solutions to our clients and colleagues.