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Fund Data as of 5/1/2015
Fund Name Ticker Share Class NAV Prev NAV % Change Last
Bond FundLSBNXClass N$14.72$14.74-0.14%$0.0306
Bond FundLSBDXClass I$14.73$14.76-0.20%$0.0298
Bond FundLSBRXClass R$14.67$14.69-0.14%$0.0269
Bond FundLBFAXClass Admin$14.62$14.64-0.14%$0.0240
Core Plus Bond FundNERNXClass N$13.11$13.15-0.30%$0.0331
Core Plus Bond FundNERYXClass Y$13.11$13.14-0.23%$0.0322
Dividend Income FundLSCYXClass Y$12.09$12.010.67%$0.0910
Fixed Income FundLSFIXClass I$13.99$14.00-0.07%$1.2067
Global Bond FundLSGNXClass N$15.47$15.54-0.45%$0.2235
Global Bond FundLSGBXClass I$15.47$15.54-0.45%$0.2215
Global Bond FundLSGLXClass R$15.30$15.37-0.46%$0.2174
Global Equity and Income FundLSWWXClass Y$19.75$19.660.46%$1.2151
Growth FundLGRNXClass N$11.09$10.990.91%$0.0554
Growth FundLSGRXClass Y$11.11$11.001.00%$0.0711
High Income FundNEHYXClass Y$4.38$4.380.00%$0.0148
High Income Opportunities FundLSIOXClass I$10.91$10.94-0.27%$0.0427
Inflation Protected Securities FundLSGSXClass I$10.49$10.53-0.38%$0.0071
Inflation Protected Securities FundLIPRXClass R$10.45$10.49-0.38%$0.0562
Institutional High Income FundLSHIXClass I$7.41$7.390.27%$0.7918
Intermediate Duration Bond FundLSDIXClass I$10.47$10.49-0.19%$0.0216
Intermediate Duration Bond FundLSDRXClass R$10.48$10.50-0.19%$0.0194
International Bond FundLSIYXClass Y$8.50$8.500.00%$0.1558
Investment Grade Bond FundLGBNXClass N$11.73$11.78-0.42%$0.0183
Investment Grade Bond FundLSIIXClass Y$11.74$11.79-0.42%$0.0172
Investment Grade Fixed Income FundLSIGXClass I$12.43$12.47-0.32%$0.0277
Ltd Term Govt and Agency FundNELYXClass Y$11.64$11.65-0.09%N/A
Securitized Asset FundLSSAXClass I$10.69$10.77-0.74%$0.0584
Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income FundLSFYXClass Y$10.29$10.290.00%$0.0478
Small Cap Growth FundLSSNXClass N$23.68$23.510.72%$3.5440
Small Cap Growth FundLSSIXClass I$23.64$23.470.72%$3.5440
Small Cap Growth FundLCGRXClass R$22.29$22.130.72%$3.5440
Small Cap Value FundLSCNXClass N$35.75$35.580.48%$4.9962
Small Cap Value FundLSSCXClass I$35.72$35.550.48%$4.9687
Small Cap Value FundLSCRXClass R$35.31$35.140.48%$4.8631
Small Cap Value FundLSVAXClass Admin$34.34$34.180.47%$4.7534
Strategic Alpha FundLASYXClass Y$10.02$10.020.00%$0.1390
Strategic Income FundNEZNXClass N$16.23$16.210.12%$0.0419
Strategic Income FundNEZYXClass Y$16.23$16.200.19%$0.0411
Value FundLSVNXClass N$26.84$26.580.98%$3.2948
Value FundLSGIXClass Y$26.87$26.601.02%$3.2448

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