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Fund Data as of 11/21/2014
Fund Name Ticker Share Class NAV Prev NAV % Change Last
Bond FundLSBNXClass N$15.56$15.520.26%$0.0494
Bond FundLSBDXClass I$15.58$15.540.26%$0.0485
Bond FundLSBRXClass R$15.50$15.470.19%$0.0453
Bond FundLBFAXClass Admin$15.45$15.420.19%$0.0421
Core Plus Bond FundNERNXClass N$13.35$13.310.30%$0.0319
Core Plus Bond FundNERYXClass Y$13.34$13.300.30%$0.0312
Dividend Income FundLSCYXClass Y$13.06$12.990.54%$0.0912
Fixed Income FundLSFIXClass I$15.30$15.260.26%$0.9667
Global Bond FundLSGNXClass N$15.96$15.97-0.06%$0.0349
Global Bond FundLSGBXClass I$15.96$15.97-0.06%$0.0334
Global Bond FundLSGLXClass R$15.79$15.80-0.06%$0.0300
Global Equity and Income FundLSWWXClass Y$20.30$20.190.54%$0.6102
Growth FundLGRNXClass N$10.54$10.480.57%$0.0215
Growth FundLSGRXClass Y$10.58$10.520.57%$0.0283
High Income FundNEHYXClass Y$4.49$4.480.22%$0.0158
High Income Opportunities FundLSIOXClass I$10.92$10.880.37%$0.0507
Inflation Protected Securities FundLSGSXClass I$10.41$10.380.29%$0.0649
Inflation Protected Securities FundLIPRXClass R$10.38$10.350.29%$0.0562
Institutional High Income FundLSHIXClass I$8.19$8.170.24%$0.9371
Intermediate Duration Bond FundLSDIXClass I$10.45$10.440.10%$0.0214
Intermediate Duration Bond FundLSDRXClass R$10.45$10.440.10%$0.0190
International Bond FundLSIYXClass Y$9.14$9.16-0.22%$0.3708
Investment Grade Bond FundLGBNXClass N$12.15$12.110.33%$0.0386
Investment Grade Bond FundLSIIXClass Y$12.16$12.120.33%$0.0374
Investment Grade Fixed Income FundLSIGXClass I$12.89$12.850.31%$0.0378
Ltd Term Govt and Agency FundNELYXClass Y$11.67$11.670.00%N/A
Securitized Asset FundLSSAXClass I$10.76$10.760.00%$0.0415
Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income FundLSFYXClass Y$10.45$10.440.10%$0.0583
Small Cap Growth FundLSSNXClass N$25.81$25.750.23%N/A
Small Cap Growth FundLSSIXClass I$25.78$25.720.23%$0.2270
Small Cap Growth FundLCGRXClass R$24.54$24.480.25%$0.2270
Small Cap Value FundLSCNXClass N$38.84$38.740.26%$3.4082
Small Cap Value FundLSSCXClass I$38.80$38.700.26%$3.4010
Small Cap Value FundLSCRXClass R$38.34$38.240.26%$3.3083
Small Cap Value FundLSVAXClass Admin$37.35$37.260.24%$0.1685
Strategic Alpha FundLASYXClass Y$10.12$10.110.10%$0.0782
Strategic Income FundNEZNXClass N$16.96$16.890.41%$0.0498
Strategic Income FundNEZYXClass Y$16.96$16.890.41%$0.0489
Value FundLSVNXClass N$29.74$29.560.61%$1.6428
Value FundLSGIXClass Y$29.73$29.560.58%$1.6077

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