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Year-End Distribution Estimates - 2014

Loomis Sayles is providing estimates of ordinary income and capital gain distributions to be paid in December for the convenience of shareholders and their financial advisors to assist with year-end tax and investment planning; however, such estimates are not intended to be a precise indicator of year-end distribution amounts. The calculations needed to arrive at a fund’s required distribution amount are comprehensive, and involve application of complex sections of the Internal Revenue Code; additionally, certain tax adjustments are based on market value at a point in time and, therefore, cannot be estimated. As a result, estimates do not include all tax adjustments. Actual distributions, including the funds paying and not paying, may differ from those presented.

Final distribution rates will be made available after distributions have been paid in December.



Loomis Sayles Year-End Distributions Estimates - 2014

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capital gains
Fund NameShare ClassRecord DateEx DatePayable DateEstimated DividendShort-TermLong-TermTotalProspectus
Emerging Markets Opportunities FundClass N12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.0594$0.0404$0.0224$0.1222
Emerging Markets Opportunities FundClass Y12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.0594$0.0404$0.0224$0.1222
Global Equity and Income FundClass Y12/22/201412/23/201412/24/2014$0.255$0.2796$0.6831$1.2177
Intermediate Duration Bond FundClass I12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.0235$0.005-$0.0285
Intermediate Duration Bond FundClass R12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.0209$0.005-$0.0259
Investment Grade Fixed Income FundClass I12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.1289$0.0004$0.1111$0.2404
Senior Floating Rate and Fixed Income FundClass Y12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.0617--$0.0617
Small Cap Growth FundClass I12/19/201412/22/201412/23/2014--$3.6346$3.6346
Small Cap Growth FundClass N12/19/201412/22/201412/23/2014--$3.6346$3.6346
Small Cap Growth FundClass R12/19/201412/22/201412/23/2014--$3.6346$3.6346
Small Cap Value FundClass Admin12/22/201412/23/201412/24/2014-$0.162$4.5008$4.6628
Small Cap Value FundClass I12/22/201412/23/201412/24/2014$0.1801$0.162$4.5008$4.8429
Small Cap Value FundClass N12/22/201412/23/201412/24/2014$0.2063$0.162$4.5008$4.8691
Small Cap Value FundClass R12/22/201412/23/201412/24/2014$0.0767$0.162$4.5008$4.7395
Value FundClass N12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.6272$0.1374$2.5213$3.2859
Value FundClass Y12/18/201412/19/201412/22/2014$0.5775$0.1374$2.5213$3.2362

Loomis Sayles Funds that are not expected to pay year-end distributions in 2014

Loomis Sayles does not provide tax or legal advice. Shareholders should consult with a qualified tax advisor regarding their personal tax situation. The tax information contained herein is general in nature, is provided for informational purposes only, and should not be construed as legal or tax advice.